EM Acoustics EMS-51 - Main

EM Acoustics EMS-51 Loudspeaker

Feb 15 2017

EM Acoustics EMS-51 Loudspeaker  Daily: £12 Weekly: £36 This ultra-compact passive loudspeaker is perfect for applications where space is at a premium. The EMS-51 can be mounted on a microphone stand or wall mounted using the provided bracket.  Inside is a

EM Acoustics EMS-122 - Main

EM Acoustics EMS-122W Loudspeaker

Feb 15 2017

EM Acoustics EMS-122W Loudspeaker  Daily: £40 Weekly: £120 The EMS-122W is a fullrange passive loudspeaker designed for speech reinforcement, music playback, live sound, stage monitoring. Mounting options include standard speaker stand, or flown overhead with the FC-122v vertical flying cradle. Inside is

EM Acoustics EMS-61 - Main

EM Acoustics EMS-61 Loudspeaker

Feb 15 2017

EM Acoustics EMS-61 Loudspeaker  Daily: £20 Weekly: £60 The EMS-61 is a compact two-way loudspeaker. It’s multi-angle enclosure and rotatable waveguide create a truly multifunctional cabinet. Mounting options include standard speaker stand, wall mounting or flown overhead. Inside is a 6.5″ LF driver

EM Acoustics EMS-215 - Main

EM Acoustics EMS-215 Subwoofer

Feb 15 2017

EM Acoustics EMS-215 Subwoofer  Daily: £50 Weekly: £150 The EMS-215 is a compact yet powerful passive subwoofer designed to extend the low-range capability of other full-range loudspeakers. Fitted with a pair of high excursion 15″ neodymium drivers, the EMS-215 is capable of producing

JBL Control 1 Pro - Main

JBL Control 1 Pro Loudspeaker

Feb 15 2017

JBL Control 1 Pro Loudspeaker  Daily: £8 Weekly: £24 The compact form-factor of the Control 1 Pro makes it the perfect choice applications where space is a premium. The Control 1 can be placed on any flat surface, or easily